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Teeth Whitening Enamel Kagami Abera – Green Coffee extraction


Teeth white enamel Kagami Abera Helps whiten teeth quickly after just a few weeks of use

No sensitivity, no erosion of tooth enamel, no infection
Helps to treat bad breath and freshen breath
Ingredients from natural, benign and safe for users

Kagami Abera teeth whitening enamel is a specially researched product specializing in teeth whitening, helping to clean yellow stained teeth after only a short time.

With outstanding strength from GREEN COFFEE fermenting technology and modern NANO SILVER TECHNOLOGY, combined with natural medicinal herbs from green coffee beans, menthol… have the ability to destroy the drive link. bacteria, support to remove plaque, yellow teeth, whiten teeth quickly.

Fermented green coffee beans
Contains many chlorogenic acids and compounds with strong antioxidant effects, which help whiten teeth and fight gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decay…

Nano Silver
As silver particles in the form of microscopic nano-molecules, helping to kill bacteria many times stronger than common active ingredients. Helps clean teeth and supports effective plaque removal.

Prevents the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay, sensitivity, helps freshen breath.

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