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Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera – CS


Ovela Abera Stretch Mark Cream with breakthrough extraction technology of French STRIOVER active ingredient from Codonopsis and Astragalus flowers helps to improve scars and firmer skin.


– Regenerate and restore skin, especially stretch marks to make skin white and bright.
– Moisturize and soften the skin, inhibit the skin’s aging process, increase the skin’s resistance, and form a healthy skin barrier.
– Limit breaks and stretch marks.
– Circulate blood, lighten skin, and even skin tone.

– Striover Active Ingredient (from Codonopsis and Astragalus flowers): Reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improving the condition of already stretched skin.
– Codonopsis: Improve immunity, eliminate free radicals, and anti-oxidize lipids.
– Astragalus: Support the growth of cell tissues, reduce the destruction of procollagen, inhibit the production of free cells, and prevent aging.
– Sunflower Oil: Moisturize, soften the skin, and is anti-inflammatory.
– Niacinamide: Stimulate skin cell activity, growth, and replenishment. Strengthen the skin barrier and thicken the epidermis to reduce the risk of external damage.
– Jojoba Oil: Moisturize, anti-aging.
– Centella: Anti-aging, moisturizing, reducing darkening, brightening, healing wounds and scars.

– Step 1: Clean the skin needed to care.
– Step 2: Take an appropriate amount of the product and spread it evenly on the skin areas that need care.
– Step 3:
For pregnant women: Apply the cream evenly from the bottom up, do not rub in circles and press hard.
For normal cases: Gently massage in a clockwise direction.

– The effect duration may vary depending on the body’s condition or using frequency.
– Use Ovela Abera twice a day, morning and night for best results.

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4 reviews for Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera – CS

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Zenda M.
Zenda M.
January 10, 2024

My stretch marks are visibly improved after half a tube. Nothing worked before. Def deserves 5 stars!

Rene H.
Rene H.
January 10, 2024

I was hesitating whether to buy this product or not, but since nothing else worked, I decided to give it a try. Best decision I ever made! My stretch marks are very dark and I continue to use this product daily. Obviously they are still there, but they have become brighter and the darkness is gone. I am happy with the results!

Vivian F.
Vivian F.
December 6, 2023

am thoroughly impressed with the durability of this product - it's built to last.

Maria B.
Maria B.
December 6, 2023

I'm in awe of the sheer elegance of this product

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