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Set of 3 to treat stretch marks, melasma, wrinkles Abera

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

YOU WILL LOVE Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera!

Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera has outstanding effectiveness in reducing stretch marks thanks to the use of advanced formula and ingredients extracted from France’s STRIOVER active ingredient from Hoa Dang Sam and Hoang Ky to help visibly improve stretch marks. For this reason, your skin will be reduced to stretch marks safely and naturally.
– Make sure the product is 100% real.
– 100% refund if the product irritates.
– 100% refund if it is not effective even if you use the product according to the instructions for use. We guarantee that after 3-4 weeks of using Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera according to the instructions, you will have the desired smooth skin, giving new vitality to your skin.

– OUTSTANDING ADVANTAGES OF Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera 
Doesn’t make your skin darker. Does not cause itching and irritation. Does not cause stretch marks again after stopping use. Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera is superior to other products due to its ability to reduce stretch marks very quickly and safely. Most of its ingredients are extracted from nature.

– EFFECTIVENESS WHEN USING Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera

– After 2-3 weeks of using Ovela Abera Stretch Mark Cream, your skin will be significantly improved compared to before, they will be smoother and more beautiful, reducing stretch marks.
– With a twice-daily application cycle, you will have a desirable skin and you do not need to be self-conscious every time you go out.



– Stretch marks after giving birth
– Sudden weight gain
– Due to the gym
– Due to body changes



For pregnant women (abdominal application):
Step 1: Clean the skin to be cared for.
Step 2: Take an appropriate amount of the product on your hand and apply evenly to the skin areas that need care.
Step 3: Apply the cream evenly from the bottom up.
NOTE: Do not rub in circles and do not press hard.

For other cases:
Step 1: Clean the skin to be cared for.
Step 2: Take an appropriate amount of the product on your hand and apply evenly to the skin areas that need care.
Step 3: Gently massage in a clockwise direction.


– INTRODUCE Stretch Mark Cream Ovela Abera

– Ingredients: Active ingredients Striover (extracted from Dang Sam and Hoang Ky), Dang Sam, Hoang Ky, Sunflower Oil, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Jojoba Oil, Pennywort
Expiry date: 36 months from date of manufacture.
– Actual capacity: 50ml
– Made in Vietnam.



– Store at room temperature.
– Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, or humidity.
– Close the lid tightly after use.


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