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Serum Alan Silver Nano Abera Special


Alan Silver Nano Abera serum is a specialized product used to treat common dermatological diseases such as psoriasis, nail fungus, keratosis, urticaria rash … Manifestations to easily recognize the disease are redness, inflammatory swelling that form patches and cause itching and discomfort. To cure diseases, besides the method of using Western medicines prescribed by doctors, the use of topical drugs is also the optimal choice of many patients. Alan Silver Nano Abera Serum Distilled from precious herbs and active ingredients, along with superior Silver Nano technology, has the effect of removing fungus, psoriasis on the skin quickly Outstanding Advantages and Uses of Alan Silver Nano Abera Serum

I.Outstanding Advantages and Uses of Alan Silver Nano Abera Serum

1 As a serum, it is easy to penetrate through the skin

The serum has a liquid texture, easily penetrates and penetrates deep into cells, not only acting on the surface of the epidermis and mesoderm but also penetrating into the deepest layer, the dermis, so it is highly effective and fast.

2 Silver ion technology (Ag+)

Silver ions (Ag +) with strong antibacterial properties penetrate strongly thanks to their nano-size, penetrate deep into the gap, breaking the hard drive bonds of the microfungal. From there helps defeat fungi, solve dermatological problems.

3 Quick effect in just a few weeks

Ingredients from precious herbs, Instant itching relief, soothes rashes, does not cause unpleasant sensations. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, children 5 years and older.

Highly effective for severe dermatitis, helping to reduce swelling, dandruff, redness and skin irritation. You will see a decrease when you start using it in a few days.

II. Product Ingredients

Black Ginger: Prevents inflammatory cells by containing Methoxy Luteolin

Cedar essential oil: Increases resistance, provides nutrients to the skin

Neem leaves: High antibacterial properties, prevent skin diseases

ORCHIDS: Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, slows down the aging process

NANO SILVER (AG+): Strong antibacterial, inhibiting the growth of harmful agents.

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