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Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream – Scar Cream


Reviews (203)

203 reviews for Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream – Scar Cream

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carolyn williams
carolyn williams
November 26, 2023

Helped with scars I have.

November 22, 2023

I purchased this cream for a friend. It works well for them.

Kimble K. Bernardi
Kimble K. Bernardi
November 21, 2023

Very nice pump under lid. Just rub in and use twice a day!

Rosetta Griffith
Rosetta Griffith
November 19, 2023

I use a silicone patch on my wrist surgery scar and when I remove it, I use this cream to massage the scar

November 18, 2023

This is one of the best scar creams I've found, my skin is very sensitive and when I get a bad cut unfortunately my skin doesn't heal the best so I bought this to help get rid of the scars and it really works! I will say you need to follow the directions of putting it on at night and in the morning for it to work fully and it does take awhile depending on how bad the scars are.

November 17, 2023

I recently had upper eye lid surgery and applied this as soon as I was able. It really did seem to work quick and well. The lids feel super moisturize and the scar is fading fast. I use it daily. One person found this helpful

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