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Abera Melasma Serum – KI




Brand name: Abera
Volume: 20 ml
Uses: Treat melasma, freckles, age spots. Fade wrinkles, whiten and smooth skin


Abera Melasma Serum is a product that is applied modern technology combining precious ingredients: active ingredients GenoWhite, saffron flower, snail extract, niacinamide,… helps support the breakdown of Melanin from under the skin 10 times stronger, reducing pigmentation spots, freckles, age spots from the inside, helping the skin become white and smooth quickly but still safely, without causing damage to the skin.

Combining the use of Kasumi Abera Cream, extracted from rare natural ingredients from Japan, will help remove melasma and whiten skin faster.



  • Inhibits the formation and accumulation of melanin that causes melasma, helping to prevent the growth and spread of melasma.
  • Melanin is broken down into many small pieces, then out according to the body’s natural excretion. Therefore, Abera Melasma Serum quickly treats melasma but does not damage the skin.
  • Helps eliminate free radicals, increase collagen, and promote skin cell regeneration. Slow down the aging process and increase the skin’s resistance, effectively restoring the skin. Helps skin to be healthier, while improving overall skin tone, helping skin to be white, pink, and shiny.



GenoWhite™: This is a new generation melasma-melting peptide, proven to have extremely strong whitening and discoloration effects with a 4-step mechanism. In particular, GenoWhite™ melts melasma quickly but is very stable and safe, does not cause irritation to the skin, eyes and does not have any side effects.



  • GenoWhite™: 10 times more powerful in dissolving pigmentation from melasma with a 4-step synchronous mechanism.
  • Saffron Flower Extract: contains a lot of Protein, carotene, a variety of vitamins and a large amount of antioxidants to fade dark spots and even skin tone, returning your skin to a smooth, white, rosy, radiant look. most brilliant.
  • Niacinamide: shrinks pores, strengthens skin barrier function, fades dark spots and enhances collagen synthesis
  • Snail Extract: Contains hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, mucin, allantoin, etc. produces collagen, regenerates skin, makes skin bright and smooth
  • BHA: improves wrinkles, skin roughness and aids in reducing skin pigmentation disorders
  • Bee Venom: increases collagen protein synthesis, smoothes fine lines and anti-aging.


Step 1: Clean and dry the skin.

Step 2: Take an appropriate amount, apply it to the skin, and gently massage for the nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin


  • After using it, you can still live and work normally. Use twice a day morning and night for best results.
  • The effective time of Abera Melasma Serum may be faster or slower depending on the location, skin, and regular use time,…

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