Long, dense, naturally strong eyelashes after just a few weeks of use

 MISAN Eyelash lotion

Eyelashes grow super fast in just a few weeks

  • Promote the regeneration of eyelashes to help them grow longer
  • Effectively prevent eyelash loss, make eyelashes strong

Increase the number of eyelashes, make eyelashes thick and attractive 

  • Preserve youthfulness, take care of natural long eyelashes

The Effect Of Misan Eyelash Lotion


Improved brush head, made up of natural active ingredients to help nourish eyelashes, make them stronger and beautiful, do not smudge or drift when encountering water.

Misan can be washed gently, does not stick, does not cause eyelash loss.

With smartly designed bristles to help brush each eyelash evenly, giving you attractive thick, curled lashes.

Unique formula makes lashes long, thick and curled for a long time.

Ngăn rụng mi hiệu quả, giúp cho chân mi chắc khỏe.

Thúc đẩy tái sinh chân mi giúp mi dài nhanh


 MISAN Eyelash lotion

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$39 / 1 box
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Stimulate long eyelashes with red ginseng essence

4.0 technology production process

High quality products

Strong eyelashes thanks to red clover extract

User manual


Clean lashes and brows with warm water and a cotton pad.

Take out the serum on the brush head (take out the brush, see that the brush is wet, that is okay)

Brush from the base of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes, 3 brush times, use 1 time a day in the evening before going to bed.


Biotin is also known as vitamin H, vitamin B7 or vitamin B8, which is a very important vitamin for the eyelashes


It is especially effective in maintaining natural long, thick and strong eyelashes. (According to a study by Phytotherapy Research, November 2013).

Soybean oil, EGF, MGF, Beach Morning Glory essential oil

Support heart, blood circulation, digestion



(1 box) MISAN

Price per unit: $39

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Price per unit: $34.5

(6 boxes) MISAN

Price per unit: $28


 MISAN Eyelash lotion



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